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How Ganga river got clean due to Coronavirus Lockdown

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It has been observed that the Ganga river is now cleaner. Many fish and other aquatic species have returned. The bad smell that was obvious at the ghats of Varanasi is not so prominent anymore. At some higher places, the Ganga is so clean that the water is now fit to drink. It has also been observed, that the Yamuna river which is the second-largest tributary of river Ganga is also cleaner. All this was without any government intervention.

India’s sacred river Ganga has been unclean for a long time due to various reasons. The is due to dumping of industrial waste, sewage & plastics. This has been a cause of great concern among the government officials who have been trying to fix this problem for a long time. Several government plans have failed after several attempts to remove the pollutants from being discharged into the river Ganga.

Due to the start of the summer season, the snows have melted and contributed to the inflow of fresh waters. Also the absence of Industrial waste and other human factors made the Ganga clean. It is great to see the clean waters.

According to ‘The Quint’, the health of the River Ganga has significantly improved. 


The challenge now is to maintain cleanliness by avoiding the causes that had created the problem in the first place. Several government programs have failed to clean the river in the past. It has been a huge failure. Such programs have failed to stop the Industrial and Commercial entities to dump their waste. They are the main contributors to river pollution.

It is feared that the rivers will get dirty again once the lock-down period is over. Many citizens, along with Sadhus and Environmentalists are concerned about the health of Indian River system. They have been protesting and asking the authorities to take effective measures to stop the pollution from entering the rivers.

Meanwhile, the lock-down has been a blessing for the health of Ganga and other rivers.

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