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Hoysala Temples of Karnataka proposed for UNESCO World Heritage tag

Did you know that a country can file a nomination to enter the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites? Yes, it’s possible. Being Said that, recently A nomination for temples was filed by India for the year 2022-2023. India’s unique and famous Hoysala Temples in Belur, Halebid, and Somanathapura may be included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites soon.

These gorgeous and splendid temples have been on the temporary list of UNESCO since 2014. Named as The Sacred Ensembles of Hoysala, these temples are located in the Indian state of Karnataka. UNESCO will be sending its expert delegation to visit the site in September-October, 2022. Once this is done, a meeting in July-August 2023 will be conducted where a decision by the UNESCO Heritage Committee will be taken on whether to include the temples in the list or not.

According to DoNER, G Kishan Reddy, and The Union Minister for Culture and Tourism, it would turn out to be a great moment for India.

The architecture of Hoysala goes way back to the time of the Hoysala Empire when Hoysala rulers built numerous temples in the region. These temples of splendor and divinity were exclusively devoted to Lord Shiva. Also, they are dated between the 11th and 14 centuries.

One special thing about all the nominations is that the nominated cities hold importance for their historic significance. They are treasured cultural and architectural marvels. The Intricacies are witnessed in the work done at the temples and it is something to wonder about. Once you are at the temples, witnessing its grandeur it is a really difficult task to take your eyes off it and you are often in a dilemma about which corner to watch and which to ignore. Also, it’s not a shocker that these places are attached with multiple interesting legends and tales that take you to the past.

If these sites are added to the UNESCO World Heritage list it will be a game-changer and a cherry on the top for tourism. Most importantly, it will help people aware of Karnataka’s lesser-known gems.



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