Huge Investments in tourism and theme park projects by India

Government is taking many other initiatives to revive and grow tourism of India.

Futala Lake
Futala Lake, Nagpur, India (image source: wikimedia commons)

Huge investments are being reported in projects related to Tourism and public theme parks.

Among these projects, the following projects are being promoted as the key attractions.

  1. Buddhist Theme Park located at Futala Lake
  2. Energy Park at Koradi Temple
  3. Tourism Circuit in Saurashtra

The Koradi Temple location was chosen for the Energy Park construction. This project will have ‘energy gardens’ of Hydro Power, Solar Power, Wind Power, and Biomass energy. The facilities will also include a center for Vocational training and also various sort of games and sports.

The Koradi Temple sees a lot of international tourists from many countries and hence the location was chosen to make this site a Tourist hub for international tourism.

The Tourism Circuit is planned with various attractions such as Temples, monuments, wildlife, beaches, etc.

The tourism sector is slowly recovering. However, a significant increase in tourism will only be possible once the international flights begin. Also, the building of infrastructure to support tourism will bring more opportunities in the Tourism sector of India.

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