India International flights expected to return to normal soon

Several chartered flights are scheduled to land in Goa on December 13.

The ban is finally lifting!

After the COVID-19 outbreak, commercial flights to and from India were banned in March, last year. It was recently announced that the flights are expected to start again and things will be back to normal. This will probably happen in December, the end of the year. This was also confirmed by the Aviation Ministry Secretary, Rajiv Bansal.

Although the emergency flights for essential services and goods were allowed and the ban on them was lifted later, commercial flights were still not operational. The event of lifting the ban was halted multiple times in the past. But finally, this time it was taken. This came as a huge relief to the people waiting for a better situation.

It is great news but precautionary measures must still be taken to curtail more waves of Covid-19 as warned by Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia. He also mentioned that it has been a while that the government was planning to lift the ban on international flights.

But he mentioned the concern about the rising cases in European countries and says that we should be safe and take proper measures for the future.

“I am all for regaining our space in the civil aviation arena in the world and making a hub in India and for more wide-body aircraft. We will get there but bear with me and trust me… I am on your side. We will work together but in a safe environment,” He said at a public event.

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