India is expected to get some new vaccines for Covid-19

Pfizer & Moderna vaccines are currently seeking legal protection for their vaccines.

Currently, there are only 3 vaccines in India that are being administered. These vaccines are Covaxin, Covishield, and Sputnik V. In the past few months, India has seen a severe shortage of the much-needed vaccines as per the government officials. However, efforts are being made to procure more vaccines from different vaccine producers to fulfill the need for vaccines.

The Indian government is making a lot of effort in vaccinating the entire population of India. The Prime Minister of India announced recently that starting 21st June, an extensive vaccination campaign will be started where the vaccines will be provided for free to all people. There are few other vaccines that are in the pipeline and will be available in India soon.

Following are some of the upcoming new vaccines that are expected to be available this year.

  1. Covovax: This vaccine is developed by the Serum Institute of India (SII) the company which also developed the Covishield vaccine. This vaccine is being developed in collaboration with the US-based biotech company called ‘Novovax’. This vaccine will be protein-based.


  1. Pfizer & Moderna: Despite the known side effects, these two vaccine makers will make their vaccines available to India soon. Currently, both these companies have asked the Indian government for legal protection against any issue caused by their vaccines.


  1. Gennova mRNA Vaccine: Gennova Biopharmaceuticals is a vaccine producer located in the city of Pune, India. This company is in the process of developing India’s first mRNA vaccine. Currently, the human trials are underway and the company is starting its phase 2 of trials soon.


  1. An unnamed Nasal vaccine: Indian company called Bharat Biotech is currently running its first phase of trials of a nasal vaccine. This intranasal vaccine is called BBV154 which can create an immune response at the place of infection.


  1. Janssen: The vaccine producer in India called Biological E is working in collaboration with Johnson & Johnson to bring its vaccine to India under the name ‘Janssen’. The Indian company has already signed a deal to bring Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine to India.


  1. ZyCoV-D: This vaccine is being developed by an Indian company called Zydus Cadila based in the state of Gujarat. This vaccine is an intradermal vaccine and is currently in its 3rd phase of trials.


  1. Corbevax: This Indian vaccine is being developed by the company called Biological E. This vaccine is considered to be one of the best vaccines that are currently in its 3rd phase of trials. Corbevax is believed to be highly effective with an over 90% success rate.


These vaccines are expected to be available in India. With the constant threat of the 3rd wave looming over India, these vaccines are expected to help control the spread of the pandemic. However, a large part of the Indian population has been speaking against vaccines and these vaccines will likely be closely monitored for any adverse effects.

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