India plans to develop bullet train services for 7 routes

7 important train routes have been finalised for the bullet train network

bullet train
Prime Minnister Narandra Mode with Japanese minister Abe near Bullet Train (image source: Wikimedia Commons)

There are 7 routes that have been designated for the new bullet trains that are being planned. These routes are the following:

  1. Agra to Lucknow
  2. Delhi to Varanasi
  3. Varanasi to Howrah
  4. Delhi to Amritsar
  5. Delhi to Ahmedabad
  6. Mumbai to Hyderabad
  7. Mumbai to Nagpur

A new train route is being developed between Mysore to Bengaluru to Chennai which is 453 km long. All these routes have been finalized from the government and are currently in the developmental stage.

These 7 routes will connect the most important cities of India. It will make it easier for tourists to travel comfortably using public transport services. It will help boost tourism services in India.

The following new report from ‘France 24’ shows the report from last year about the India’s first semi-high speed train made in India.


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