India preparing to import single-dose vaccine from Johnson & Johnson

Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are also being discussed for their release in India.

As per the news, the Indian government is currently in talks with Johnson & Johnson to get their vaccine imported to India. This vaccine is named ‘Janssen’ and it is known to be a single-dose vaccine.

The major vaccine producers such as Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson are all in talks with the Indian government officials to discuss the terms to release the vaccines to the Indian market. Earlier, all these vaccine producers were requesting indemnity which would provide legal protection against any serious side effects that might occur.

Moderna vaccine has already settled terms with the Indian government and the vaccine will be available in India soon. However, the details of the terms are not yet been made public. The terms for Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson vaccines are still being discussed.

Some recent reports suggest that the vaccine makers and the Indian government are looking for a middle ground where the companies will be held responsible in case of any serious side effects like death and paralysis occur in the patients. Some minor side-effects will not be used against these companies to hamper their business in India.

The Janssen vaccine will be manufactured in collaboration with the Hyderabad-based company Bio E. It has been reported that Johnson & Johnson vaccine is quite effective against the Delta variant. The vaccine has been reported to prevent death and hospitalization. However, the vaccine is not yet known to be effective on the new Delta-plus variant.

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