India restores long-term visas starting immediately

After 2-year long pause the tourism is expected to return back to normalcy.

After a long pause on the issuing of the visas, India finally started to issue visas up to 5-year validity. All regular ‘paper’ visas will be given to tourists from all countries. This announcement was made public on 19th March. Effective immediately, tourists from all countries can now apply for visas online and offline.

The officials from the Home Ministry of India announced that the 5-year long visa will be issued only to the eligible countries and it is likely that the imposed restrictions will be changed as per the conditions related to the Covid-19 pandemic. As of now, 156 countries will be allowed a 5-year visa to India.

After two years of pause, the decision to issue regular visas was made by the Indian Government. Also, the regular international flights will start soon and tourism is expected to return to normalcy. Tourists will not be allowed to enter through a land border or river routes on a regular tourist visa or E-visa.

Also, the 10-year long visas will only be given to the Japanese and United States. Following is the news article from ‘The Daily Star’ reporting about the announcement to restore issuing of tourist visas.

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