Indian aviation ministry considering the possibility of starting international flights

Indian Flight (image source: wikimedia Commons).

The central government recently announced that they are considering the possibility of starting all international flights before August or September. The civil aviation minister said that they will try to start a certain number of international passenger flights. The minister did not give an exact date of the start of operations. However, the ministry has shown concern over the surge of COVID-19 cases which is preventing their decision.

Many other safety-related factors are being considered and a proper plan is being developed. After certain guidelines are decided upon, the international flights will being.

The following report by ‘The Indian Express’ shows the civil aviation minister, Mr. Hardeep Singh announcing the possibility to start the international flight operations.

Some countries in Europe such as Germany and France are also planning to relax the flight restrictions in the coming weeks. International travel is one of the main reasons for the spread of the virus. Considering this, many countries might not allow flights from India. The recent surge in the coronavirus cases is also worrisome.

The following video by ‘Hindustan Times’ shows the preparations that the airport authorities have done. These were for the start of domestic flights from May 25th.

The government is also planning to bring back all the stranded Indian nationals in various parts of the world. Another phase of these flights to bring back Indians will begin mid-June.

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