Indian company called Zydus Cadila seeks emergency use approval for its 3-dose vaccine

The new vaccine would be the fourth vaccine to be added to the list of current vaccines.

The Indian pharmaceutical company called Zydus Cadila based in the state of Gujarat is currently seeking emergency use approval for its vaccine. The vaccine released the results of the 3rd phase of its vaccine trials.

The name of the vaccine is Zycov-D and it is considered safe for children of 12-18 years of age. The company is working towards producing over 100 million vaccine doses every year. More vaccines are being developed that will be entering the Indian market this year.

The company Zydus Cadila has 3 doses of its vaccine which will be administered to prevent the Covid-19 virus to attack the immune system. With this new vaccine, the problem of shortage of the current vaccine supply will be solved. Zydus’s vaccine will be the fourth vaccine that will be available in India.

As per the new data released by the health department of India, around 20% of the Indian population has been vaccinated for a single dose and only less than 5% of the Indian population is fully vaccinated. Another challenge is the increasing vaccine hesitancy among the Indian population. Because of social media, many people have been reporting side effects related to vaccines.

The following news report from Hindustan Times talks about the approval sought by the company for emergency use for children.


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