Indian government denied to buy vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna

Both Pfizer and Moderna have been asking for legal protection for their vaccines.

As per the announcement made by the Indian government today, India will not be buying any vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna. The reason for this is that manufacturing locally is much more affordable compared to the imported vaccines.

It means that India will not be administering any other vaccine other than its own. So all the popular vaccines in the world will not be available in India. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the import of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines was held up due to the legal dispute. Both Pfizer and Moderna were asking for legal protection against any serious side effects from their vaccines. Due to this, the Indian government did not allow these vaccine makers to export to India.

One of the company officials from Pfizer in India said that the discussions are going on with the Indian government. However, it is quite unlikely that any foreign vaccine maker would get enough demand for their vaccines in India. This is because of the fact that India already is overproducing the Covid-19 vaccines with several new vaccines in their final phase of clinical trials.

Following is the detailed report from the Reuters reporting in detail about the recent news today.

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