Indian government seeking a ‘middle ground’ for a Pfizer deal

Pfizer and Moderna will be held liable for any serious side effects such as death and paralysis occuring due to their vaccines.

The Indian government officials are currently in talks with Pfizer and Moderna for authorizing their supply of vaccines to India. Pfizer has claimed that its vaccine is effective in neutralizing the effects of the ‘Delta variant’. However, despite the side effects that have been circulating the internet, people are cautious of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

Some of the commonly known side effects for Pfizer are infertility and paralysis-like effects. Moderna vaccine has also faced criticism for causing strokes and blood clots in the patients. Both these companies have claimed that these side effects are only negligible and are seen only in less than 1 percent of cases.

On the other hand, both Pfizer and Moderna were in the news for asking the Indian government t for indemnity or legal protection against any side effects that may occur from their vaccines. People expressing ‘vaccine hesitancy’ have been speaking against these vaccines throughout the world.

The Indian government is ensuring that the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines will be available in India in July. It is seeking to find a ‘middle ground’ where Pfizer and Moderna will be held responsible in case of serious side effects that include death and paralysis will not be given a waiver. In such cases, the company will be held liable. India has also denied Pfizer and Moderna from carrying out any vaccine trials in India.

The talks are still in progress and the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are most likely to be available in India starting July or within this year. Following is the official report from WION News detailing the legal protection sought by Pfizer and Moderna.

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