Indian Government told Twitter to follow the new IT rules or face consequences

Twitter has not made any official comment in regards to the warning given by the Indian government.

According to Reuters news, the Indian Government has told Twitter offices in India that they only have one last chance to comply with the new IT regulations or face ‘unintended consequences’.

The new IT rules came into enforcement last month which aims at ending privacy by freedom of expression by controlling the content that is being shared on Social Media channels. As per these new guidelines any content posted or shared on Twitter can be taken down if it is found to be offensive to the government.

Similarly, Facebook & WhatsApp are also facing the same regulations under which a person’s personal information such as phone number can be given to the government if they request it. This goes against the privacy norms that the companies stand for. Facebook & WhatsApp have already filed a legal case against the Indian Government that aims to protect the privacy of its users.

As of now, Twitter has not made any official comment in this regard. The future of the major social media platforms in India is still unknown. If these social media platforms agree to comply with the new IT rules of India, then they will be able to operate in India. However, they will lose their credibility of being a democratic platform where people can freely express their opinions.

On the other hand, if these platforms refuse to comply, then they may be banned from operating in India. With the ban of Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter in India, there might be some new local apps that may enter the Indian market and they will be most likely heavily regulated.

The following news report by ‘NDTV’ gives details about this deadline that is given by the Indian Government to Twitter Inc.

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