Indian Ministry of Tourism hosts webinar promoting India as the destination for Yoga

הודו מקודמת כיעד היוגה ברמה עולמית

Yogi in Rishikesh
Yogi in Rishikesh (image source: wikimedia commons)

The Ministry of Tourism has been hosting regular webinars showcasing different aspects of Indian culture and Indian states with its landscapes and popular destinations. Until now, a total of 35 episodes have been released under the name ‘Dekho Apna Desh’ where all parts of India and its rich heritage are talked about with the industry professionals and key figures who are responsible for preserving the Indian heritage.

Yesterday on International Yoga Day the episode focused on Yoga and the current scenario of this traditional Indian science. It largely talked about the potential of Yoga in reviving the dormant tourism sector of India. The episode of this webinar talks extensively about many benefits of Yoga along with people who promoted Yoga as a science into the western world.

According to the Yoga teachers who shared their perspective on the webinar, Yoga is not just an exercise for the body. It is much more than just physical. It has the potential to make human beings complete in all his/her spiritual, mental, and emotional aspects. Many other aspects of Yoga as a spiritual science were also discussed.

India is a huge resource of ancient knowledge in Yoga. It has a large number of ancient texts, books, yoga schools specializing in different types of Yoga and teachers who have learned through the teachers of great wisdom.

As far as tourism is concerned Yoga is one of the most important reasons why people come to India. Many states in India have already started promoting Yoga as an essential part of their tour packages. Kerala for example has made a plan to promote all its Artforms including yoga as part of the educational tour packages.


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