Indian ministry of tourism prepares for Virtual Tourism

Due to the pandemic the tourism ministry is finding ways to help people learn about India.

Jaipur Palace
Jaipur Palace, Rajasthan (image source: Wikimedia Commons)

The Ministry of Tourism is working with a company called OutisiteVR to help develop virtual tours. These virtual tours will enable people to visit important cultural sites virtually.

This project will help people to learn more about the sites that have religious and historic importance associated with it. People with smartphones and VR headsets will be able to see the virtual tour of these sites.

The major attractions that will be available after the launch would be the Key Monastery in Himachal, Palaces of Jaipur in Rajasthan, Kannur Lighthouse in Kerala. Even tours through the streets of India would be available. Many other tours are being prepared for the important tourist destinations in the whole of India.

All the monuments will be given a 360-degree virtual view along with the tour inside the monuments. All the important information will also be provided regarding the place and its historical and cultural significance.


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