Indian passport climbs up to 7th among other strongest passports

The vaccination certificates issued in India are also being recognized in many countries as well.

How do you tell if a passport is strong? Yes, there’s a way we can tell this. The more countries that can be visited by the holder without requiring a prior visa, the stronger the password is. An Indian passport holder can now visit 60 countries around the whole world without needing a visa. In 2021 this number was 58. Now India has moved up 7 positions turning out to be on the 90th rank from 83rd position. Isn’t this great news for all the travelers amidst all the bad ones?

The rankings are as per the Henley Passport Index, based on data from the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

The average number of countries that any individual can visit without the need of a prior visa counts to be 107 as suggested by the index. Nearly as high as 180 countries on the said parameter can be visited without a visa by travelers from countries like the USA, Singapore, and Japan.

World’s strongest passports

The top spots in the index are grabbed by Japan and Singapore. Anyone with the passports of these countries can visit a whopping 192 destinations without a prior visa. No, how cool is this? Although, let’s not get excited as this does not align with the current COVID regulations and restrictions.

The disparity

The country with the weakest passport in Afghanistan. Due to the widening economic differences and the pandemic situation, It has come to the notice that the disparity between the world’s strongest and weakest passports has increased. It is coming to light that vaccine distribution should be done in a more equal way so that it is easier to bridge the gap.

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