Indian Pharma company Cipla will distribute Moderna’s COVID vaccine

Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer are still in talk with the Indian government over their imports in India.

Indian pharmaceutical company Cipla Limited will be distributing Moderna’s Covid vaccine in India after receiving approval from the government. Moderna will be India’s first mRNA vaccine to be imported to treat Covid-19 symptoms.

Currently, India has 3 vaccines that are being administered to the people. These vaccines are Covishield by Serum Institute of India, Covaxin by Bharat Biotech, and Sputnik V from Russia. India has been in talks with Moderna and Pfizer to allow them in the Indian market.

Both these companies were seeking legal protections in case of any serious side effects that might occur because of their vaccines. Due to this, the Indian government and vaccine producers were holding talks for negotiation. The Indian government is still in talks with Pfizer over its import into the Indian market.

The Indian government has not shared any particular partnership details with the public. Due to vaccine shortages that were experienced in the last few months, India is currently preparing to stockpile more vaccines to avoid any shortages. Also, the fear of the third wave has also made the Indian government add Moderna’s vaccine to its vaccine collection.

Moderna’s mRNA vaccine has faced criticism because of its side-effects related to infertility among men and women along with several other issues. However, it has been approved by the Indian government that it will be used in India. Johnson & Johnson & Pfizer are still in talks with the Indian government and it might be possible that this year both these vaccines will be available in India.

According to a senior researcher in India, the Moderna vaccine will carry a high price tag compared to the other vaccines because it requires a storage temperature of -20 degrees Celsius. This would require maintaining a cold chain to preserve the vaccine which might be a challenge considering the Indian medical infrastructure.

The following news report from ‘Republic World’ talks about the recent approval given to Modern by the Indian Government.

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