Indian Tourism Ministry launches webinar series showing India’s heritage and cultural diversity

Taj Mahal (Image Source : Wikimedia Commons)

Due to the Coronavirus lockdown, the Indian Tourism industry had a severe negative impact. During these times, the Tourism Ministry of India has launched a webinar series offering virtual tours of the country. The webinar series is called “Dekho Apna Desh” which loosely translates into “See Your Country”. This webinar series gives a great amount of information about various Indian Destinations, Cultural diversity, and its People.

This series includes topics such as ‘City of Cities: Delhi’s Personal Diary’, Kolkota, Varanasi. The series includes many people talking about different destinations in India. After viewing the series, one can have a thorough understanding of the different cities and its most popular attractions.

The webinar series is a good experience for the ones sitting at home and were planning to visit India. The series gives rare look into the Indian culture and into the different landscapes of India. The series shows many interesting people from all parts of India. This has been a great effort by the Tourism Ministry to promote the lesser-known places in India.

The series can be found on and also on Youtube.

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