India’s COVID-19 cases are rising at an alarming rate

Indian Healthcare workers (image source: wikimedia commons)

Yesterday, the newly reported cases in India were around 7,000. Among all the countries of the world, India is currently the 10th country with the worst number of active coronavirus cases. The total number of patients in India is around 138,526 since yesterday. The total number of deaths in the country has reached over 4000.

The highest number of cases have been reported from Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Delhi, West Bengal, and Madhya Pradesh. These states have been the worst hit from the COVID-19. Being densely populated, the infections are on the rise in these areas.

It is reported that around 41% of the cases in India have recovered. That is over 57,000 people who are now free from the virus. Also, the testing has been increased in the country with more than 150,000 tests being done every single day.

The following report by ‘India Today’ shows the spike in the total number of cases in India.

The ministry of health showed their concern for the much-needed improvement in the health infrastructure of the country. The need for more testing facilities is also the main concern for the government.

The domestic air travel started operating today in all the Indian states. This might spike the total number of cases in the country. Many residents returning home might be returning from the red zone areas. There is a possibility of a virus spread due to this. However, the state governments have announced that all the passengers will be tested and quarantined as per the guidelines.

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