International flights ban extended further until 31st October

Cargo flights will continue as usual.

The DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation) has made a recent announcement regarding international flights. As per the announcement made on Tuesday, international flights will be banned until 31st October. International flights have been banned since March 2020.

The recent announcements made by the Indian government have cited a possibility of restarting international tourism within this year. However, it seems that India is trying to vaccinate as many people as possible within this year before international flights can be started.

The cargo flights will continue as usual but the passenger flights will stay suspended. This week, the Goa Chief Minister also said that the charter flights will start soon, but an exact date has not been given. It seems that the flights will be suspended for another month. If the new Covid cases in India continue to drop, the international flights is most likely to start within this year.

Special flights and certain routes will continue to be operational. Following news article from ‘Etnonews’ reports about the announcement made by the DGCA.

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