Is India’s second wave of COVID be man-made?

The recovery rate was much greater last year during the first wave of COVID-19.

As of now, India is struggling to keep its healthcare system intact. The huge influx of new COVID-19 patients has shown how fragile the health infrastructure is in India. The recent surge of the new coronavirus cases has worried India’s general population that is struggling financially.

The hospitals in India seem to be running out of resources that are critical to preserving the lives of the patients. India is currently facing a ‘Double Mutant’ variant of COVID-19 that is highly infectious. The reason for the surge is the lax attitude by the government and the health care officials who relaxed many restrictions when the cases were rising in the state of Maharashtra.

Once the ‘Double Mutant’ version of coronavirus reached Delhi, it became evident that the virus is infecting the whole nation. There were no travel-related restrictions even after learning about the rise in the new cases. No state in India took adequate measures to control the movement of people.

It seems the numbers were inflated and were provided to WHO to invite international aid. The first wave of Coronavirus in India made the country recover sooner to everyone’s surprise. The recovery rate was much greater compared to the other western countries. The Indian stocks were also rose in the world market. The Indian Vaccine makers were also on the path of becoming leading developers and sellers of the vaccine.

It is quite possible that this did not sit well with some people in and outside India. It is very strange that the virus suddenly appeared and started killing at will. The most important question here is whether the mutation took place in India or was it created?

The following article from Time of India posted an article arguing about the possible of the second wave of COVID being man-made.

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