Issuing visas for foreign tourists to start from October 15

Visas will only be issued for the charter flights.

The Ministry of Home Affairs of India has made an announcement today about the tourist visa situation. As per the announcement, issuing of the foreign visas will start from 15th October. Also, Chartered flights will commence on October 15.

International tourism has been on a halt for the last 18 months. With the start of international tourism, the tourism economy is expected to revive. Tourists who are planning to travel to India through regular passenger flights will have to wait until November 15. After November 15, new tourist visas will be issued for regular passenger flights.

As per the details given by the Ministry of Health, safety protocols will have to be followed by all foreign tourists. More details will be available soon. It is quite likely that the Covid test and the vaccination certificate will be required by all foreign tourists. In the coming weeks, exact details will be announced.

Following a news report from ‘PTC News’ reporting about the recent announcement made by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

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