It’s not mandatory to carry a COVID vaccine certificate, confirms central government.

Domestic tourists are now no longer required to carry the vaccination certificate while traveling.

While booking plane tickets or traveling during this pandemic, we all wonder if it is mandatory to show our vaccine certificate to the required personnel. And even while traveling, many states and airlines have kind of made it a necessity for visitors to show their certificates to access entry. Keeping this in mind, the center recently informed that this guideline that makes it compulsory for people to show their certificates is not issued by them in any SOP. This was informed by the center of the Supreme Court.

This announcement came into the picture when a petition was filed for people with disabilities seeking exemption from vaccination certificates. Moreover, many efforts are being made by the government to ensure that everyone is vaccinated. Some Programmes like ‘vaccination for all‘, strategies for vaccinating people at their home, and accessible vaccination facilities for everyone, including the disabled are the efforts made by the government.

Giving more attention to this petition, the government also advised all the states and UT’s to even vaccinate bedridden patients who have very restricted mobility. The same was also said for the disabled or people with special needs. They are to give the accessibility to the vaccine at their places.

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