Johnson & Johnson vaccine to be produced in India

J&J vaccine will be produced in collaboration with an Indian company.

Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical company in the US has agreed to produce vaccines in collaboration with the Indian company called ‘Biological E.’. Biological E. is a Telangana-based pharmaceutical company that will be producing and distributing the new Covid-19 vaccine.

The Indian government is in the process of approving Johnson & Johnson to run clinical trials of the vaccines on the Indian population. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine has been approved by the FDA in the United States under the name Janssen.

After considering the massive shortage of vaccines in India, the government is looking for options to get the vaccines out as soon as possible. The Indian government is also in the process of talking to the vaccine makers Moderna and Pfizer for a collaboration to produce vaccines.

According to government officials, close to 2 billion doses of vaccines will be produced between August and December of this year. The management of the company Biological E. has also announced its own version of vaccines that will be produced in the quantity of around 8 million doses per month starting from August.

The World Health Organisation has declared Johnson & Johnson vaccine having an 85.4% efficacy rate. However, this is quite debatable as there were many cases in the United States where people had side effects such as blood clots that formed after one week of taking a vaccine. All these side effects were mostly reported in women from ages 32-39 years.

The following news report from NDTV shows the recent announcement made regarding the collaboration of the above-mentioned companies.

Also, the following video also talks about the side effects of Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

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