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Kashmir has a new Taj Mahal to offer

A stunning snow sculpture replicating the Taj Mahal is installed in Gulmarg

A stunning snow sculpture replicating the Taj Mahal is installed in Gulmarg, famously known as Kashmir’s Winterland. This sculpture is already trending on social media and has become a sensation. This gorgeous snow sculpture is a successful replica of the Taj Mahal. This snow Taj Mahal is equally beautiful and eye-pleasing to the original one in Agra. and that is the gorgeous part of it. It is one of the finest snow sculpture works that has happened in Kashmir.

Built over an area of 24 by 24 ft, Kashmir’s snow Taj Mahal measures 16 ft in height. Successfully built amid sub-zero temperatures, this snow wonder was created by members of the Grand Mumtaz Hotel. It is a proud fact that this splendid snow sculpture was created in just 17 days.

Also, one more fact that makes it even more worthwhile is that it was created just by a 4 member team with just snow and nothing else. Amazing pictures of Taj Mahal snow were posted by The Grand Mumtaz Hotels & Resorts on Twitter already. The sensation was already a hit on Social Media.

Visited by lakhs of adventure seekers and snow lovers, many travelers from around the world travel to the famous skiing destination, Gulmarg. It has not been long since the gorgeous Kashmiri town gave a surprise gift to the travelers by creating the world’s largest and most gorgeous igloo cafe.

Anyhow, this Snow Taj Mahal is not only a hit with the travelers, but it is also as famous with the locals. Many tourists ended up taking selfies with this sculpture and excitedly shared it with friends on Social Media.


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