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Kashmir’s almond blossoms in Srinagar are a sight to behold for tourists

The overall ambiance of this place is quite peaceful and not overly crowded

Drawing the attention of thousands of tourists, the Badam Vaer garden has become the latest sensation in Srinagar. Kashmir, famous for making news for multiple activities and tourist attractions, has a new tourist hotspot. Have you ever wondered what the multicolored almond flowers blooming in the garden would look like? Gorgeous, of course. Marking the onset of the spring season, these flower blooms are making the valley look dreamy.

Gardens of Badam Vaer

This simply amazing garden, set in the foothills of Hari Parbat Fort, is also known as Koh-e-Maran. This place is also quite pious, being culturally and traditionally significant. Hazrat Makhdoom Sahib Shrine and Gurdwara Chatti Padshahi are some of the most sought-after religious attractions in the region.

Imran, Assistant Floriculture Officer, said, “People mostly visit Badam Vaer during the spring season. The reason behind this is pretty simple: the multicolored almond blossoms are at their most gorgeous and in peak bloom during these days. To promote the spring tourism season after a few days, the government is planning to organize festivals with various culturally infused and traditional activities.

The overall ambiance of this place is quite peaceful and not overly crowded, and this is one of the reasons why tourists love this garden so much. The peace and serenity draw tourists and locals to this place.

The officer further said, “The garden that is situated on the foothills of Koh-e-Maran serves as a source of attraction for tourists and nature lovers alike. Also, this garden is surprisingly spread over 300 canals. ”


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