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Kerala being promoted as the a safe destination for tourists

Economic relief is being planned to revive tourism in Kerala.

Kerala Houseboat
Houseboat in Kerala (image source: wikimedia commons)

The Kerala Tourism department is focusing on domestic tourism and making sure that all the travelers are safe during their stay in the state of Kerala. Safety and hygiene are considered the top priority right now by the tourism authorities of the state.

The National Tourism committee is aggressively promoting tourism in Kerala and making sure that all the precautions and safety guidelines are in place. Currently, the key areas of promotional campaigns include Ayurveda, Health, and adventure tourism. The safety guidelines have already been issued for these three areas along with the instructions on how they need to be implemented.

The Tourism department of Kerala is also working towards getting financial relief packages for the instant revival of the Tourism industry in Kerala. No other state of India is currently doing so.

The Tourism Committee is very keen in making Kerala the most popular tourist destination in India. After the push towards the promotion of domestic tourism, the tourism department plans to focus on international tourists by the end of the year.

All businesses associated with tourism will receive opportunities to revive their businesses and work towards enhancing the tourist’s experiences while maintaining health and safety.

The following YouTube video from the channel called “Dragonfly Films” talk about the measures being taken to restart tourism in Kerala.

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