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Kerala has now 51% of all Covid cases in India

There are more than 100,000 active cases in Kerala according to the recent data.

According to the Union health ministry of India, Kerala now has more than half of all Covid cases in India. As per the data produced by the Union Health Ministry, Kerala has around 51% of all Covid cases in India. Around 100,000 active cases have been reported in Kerala.

The government officials have decided on taking the following measures to combat the spread of the Covid-19 infection.

  • Testing in Kerala will be increased to determine the intensity of the spread of the Covid-19.
  • Contact tracing measures will be introduced to get the relevant data.
  • Infected people who are isolated in their homes, will be monitored. As per the current data, around 80 of the infected people have been isolated in their homes.

As per the reports, there are 41 districts in Kerala where the Covid positivity rate is around 10% per week. The health ministry has also decided to increase the vaccination drive. More doses will be supplied to the state to ensure there are enough vaccines available at all times.

Other states in Kerala are also reporting a spike in the number of new cases. As of now, there is no data available on what exactly caused the spike. Most people blame that during the festival of Onam, the infections rose again due to celebrations and social gatherings.

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