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Kerala imposed a 2-day lockdown after the increasing Covid cases

Kerala has over 37% of all Covid cases in India.

The South-Indian state of Kerala is a popular tourist destination. However, since the beginning of the pandemic, Kerala has been the hotspot of Covid infections. The number of new Covid cases has been rising in the last few weeks and it is a cause for concern among the people of the state.

The state government of Kerala has announced that a lockdown for 2 days will be imposed. Overall the Covid cases in India have declined significantly, but the state of Kerala and Maharashtra are still struggling to recover from the continuous spread of the Covid virus.

Kerala has over 37% of all Covid cases in India and the rising positivity rate is also the highest here. Starting Saturday (31st July), a ‘two-day‘ full lockdown’ will be enforced all over the state. The local state authorities will decide if further restrictions will be required or not.

Following is the detailed news report from ‘NDTV’ about the current situation in Kerala and the lockdown measures that have been announced.

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