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Kerala will reopen for tourists from October onward

No definite date has been released but it is expected that the tourism will reopen in the first week of October.

The State government of Kerala is planning to open the state for tourism starting from the 1st week of October. Mr. Kakampally Surendran is a minister in the State government who held a meeting with other officials to create a detailed plan to attract more tourists from within India.

The focus on this new marketing strategy where Health and Wellness related tourism is being promoted to attract tourists. Kerala is already popular for its Ayurveda schools and therapy centers. With the government promoting this sector of tourism, it is expected that the people will be attracted to health-oriented packaged tours.

Also, with the pandemic situation and people getting more health-conscious, tourism focused on health will help bring in people to the state.

The government has not yet released an official date when the state will begin its tourist activities. It is expected to be in the first week of October. All safety guidelines are in place and people are expected to follow them all the time during their travels.

The popular backwaters called ‘Kumarakom Backwaters’ have many houseboats styled accommodation where people can have a cruise-like vacation. The operators for such vacations have already shown excitement for the possibility of incoming tourists. All these business owners have started to sanitize their premises and preparing their sites for the upcoming tourist season.

Kamarakom is popular for its scenic landscapes, boat rides and food. There are various types of tour packages for this tour. Some of the most popular packages are Eco-Friendly trips, Ayurvedic tours, Yoga tours etc.

The following YouTube video from the channel called “Nila Manjeera”, shows the popular tourist activities in Komarakom, Kerala.

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