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Kovai Kutralam Falls is closed for tourists due to heavy rains

The waterfall will open for tourists once the weather improves.

The famous waterfalls of Kovai Kutralam in the district of Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu have been closed for tourists. The recent weather of heavy rainfall has created conditions that are not safe for tourists. Considering this, the district administration has decided to close the waterfalls for the tourists.

Since the past few days, the rainfall in Coimbatore has been intense due to which the water flow has increased. The Kovai Kutralam will remain closed until the water level decreases and the weather improves.

The rainfall is expected to last for another week and after that, the winter months will allow tourism activities to be fully operational. The tourists who have made advanced booking amounts for Kovai Kutralam Falls have been refunded. The following detailed report about the recent closure of the Koval Kutralam Falls is from ‘India Today’.

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