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Leopardess killed in Morni Hills in Haryana

Local are concerned about the poaching and hunting activities in the forest areas.

Sadly, poaching and hunting are still a thing. Recently, a similar case was witnessed in Morni Hills which share the boundaries with the Himachal forest. This is the second incident in the last year and a half where a wild cat was found to be a subject of hunting.

The incidence of alleged poaching in Morni hills on December 31 has questions about the Haryana Wildlife Department’s efficacy was questioned when an alleged poaching incident came to light. The incident happened on 31st December in Morni Hills. On 1st January, a leopardess was found dead with a pellet injury in the village Baddiwala of Morni Hills.

The prior incident happened in May 2020 when an adult leopard was found trapped inside a deep well in village Tikri in Morni with its front right paw missing. Indeed a very unfortunate sight to witness. The leopard was safely shifted to Pipli Zoo Kurukshetra. But unfortunately, the poor animal could not survive. The investigation was taken up just after suggesting that the leopard stepped on a snare fixed by poachers, hence it lost its front paw. The culprits are yet to be identified and arrested even though an FIR was lodged.

“We have been urging the local authorities including the Wildlife department and police department to enhance the strict vigil on the movements of unsocial elements who ventured in the prohibited areas under the disguise of tourists. The situation deteriorated especially on weekends and holidays. Indeed, the Forest and Wildlife Department has been creating treks in the restricted areas for promoting the adventure activities but there is no check and balance on the visitors. There is a need for the strict vigil,” Said a resident of village Baddiwala.

A pellet was found in the stomach of the dead feline by Veterinary doctors which declared that the animal died in the poaching attempt. The pellet was reportedly fired from a ‘topidar bandook’ (a gun used to scare wild animals with its loud explosion).

Sources also said, “Many farmers also prefer to keep Topidar Bandooks to scare away wild animals from their agricultural land. We are working on various angles to identify the culprits behind the death of the feline.” Deputy Chief Wildlife Warden, Shyam Sunder Kaushik, said, “We have increased the patrolling of wildlife guards in the vulnerable areas. Efforts are on to identify the culprits involved in the incident. We have decided to identify farmers and residents residing in Morni who have a similar weapon in their possession.”


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