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Location tracking wristband will be given to trekkers and mountaineers in Uttarakhand

These wristbands will help in search and rescue operations.

In the recent meeting of the Tourism Department of Uttarakhand, a decision was made to help in tracing trekkers and mountaineers who travel in Uttarakhand. Due to the winter season approaching, many extreme trekking and mountaineering enthusiasts will be visiting the state of Uttarakhand.

In order to avoid any situation where tourists go missing or get lost due to heavy snowfall and low visibility conditions, wristbands will be given to all tourists going on specific routes. Cellphone connectivity is not available in certain parts of the Himalayan range and finding the location of the people who get lost is quite difficult.

The wristbands will help locate the trekkers using the satellites and will help greatly in all search and rescue operations. Many additional efforts are being taken to ensure the safety of the adventurers who travel in extreme conditions to the secluded trekking destinations. Several helipads have been constructed for the rescue helicopters dedicated to rescuing the lost.

Also, several toilets and water facilities will be created along the path to several important tourist destinations in Uttarakhand. Following is the official news report from ‘NDTV’ reporting about the announcement made by the Chief Secretary of the tourism department of Uttarakhand.

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