Lockdown in India extended until May 17th

Image source : (Wikimedia Commons)

The Indian government has announced the further extension of the lockdown until 17th May. All domestic and international flights have been suspended. This is the second lockdown extension that the government has announced so far. There is no news if the lockdown is going to continue beyond May 17th.

The travel industry and the civil aviation industry have incurred huge losses due to the Pandemic and it would take some time to recover from this drastic economic adversity. People of India are cooperating in maintaining these restrictions. So, far India has done a good job of keeping the spread of the COVID-19 under control.

The government has opened a few business units in places where the Coronavirus cases are low. However, this is closely monitored and social distancing is being practiced by the people who are working in these businesses. The cities have been marked as Red, Orange, and Green zones according to the severity in the number of Corona-positive cases being reported. This data is constantly monitored and updated daily by the officials.

Following is the report by HW News with the list of all Red, Orange, and Green zones.

The government has announced that the business activities will slowly open up as the number of new cases goes down. After making sure that the risk is significantly reduced and is well managed by each zone, the business will be allowed to function while maintaining social distancing norms.

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