Lockdown in India extended until May 31

Lockdown in India (image source: Flickr)

The extension of the lockdown in India was extended until 31st May. The government took this step due to the sudden spike in the number of new COVID-19 patients. In the last two days, the surge in the number of new cases was reported throughout the country. The reason for the surge was the relaxation in the lockdown that allowed people to travel within the country. Most of these people were seeking an opportunity to go back home after being stranded in other cities. Yesterday around 5,200 new cases were reported.

In India, a large population of the migrant labor force is known to travel to other cities for work. Due to the loss of jobs, these people decided to go back home to their villages. All these people were out of money and most of them were starving for food. There were several reports that these people even started walking back home for many miles. Lack of transportation made the situation even worse.

According to the home ministry, the lockdown extension for another two weeks will help to contain the spread. Many schools, malls, gyms, etc. will remain closed. All large religious and sporting gatherings are banned. Air travel will also remain closed until further notice.

Some states have allowed a few relaxation measures. This included the opening of food delivery services, indoor sporting events, and limited inter-state bus travel.

The government officials will be updating the relaxation measures regularly after studying the severity of every state’s numbers. Officials have announced that the economic activities will be allowed with proper measures. The new lockdown measures will be announced state-wise by the ministers of the states.

 The total number of cases has now reached 96,000 until today. Health officials said that there will be another surge in the next two months. The need for testing has also been stressed upon.

The following report by India TV reports on the fourth phase of the lockdown.

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