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Maharashtra starts imposing lockdown restrictions fearing of the third wave

The cases of the new Delta plus variant has also been found in the state of Maharashtra.

The state of Maharashtra has always been a high-risk zone as far as the Covid infections are concerned. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the state of Maharashtra has seen some of the highest active Covid cases along with the highest number of deaths compared to the other states of India.

Maharashtra is considered the financial capital of India, and the constant movement of people is something that is unavoidable. Locking down such a state is a huge inconvenience. It is also a major survival issue in terms of earning livelihood for people in the state. However, the lockdown has brought down the economy of the state drastically.

The new cases of the Delta-plus variant have also been detected in Maharashtra. With the fear of the upcoming third wave, many places in the state have started to reimpose lockdown restrictions. This week, the district of Satara went into a full lockdown. Social gatherings and places where people can go out and eat, or gather in small groups are also being restricted slowly in Maharashtra.

The variant is considered highly transmissible and there is not enough data yet to know fully how dangerous this new variant can be. There is still a huge gap in the vaccination provided to the Indian population. The possibility of a potential lockdown can make the Indian economy harder to recover.

People can be seen every day avoiding the social distancing guidelines and gathering in large numbers without any protection. This has been a major cause of concern for increasing the possibility of the third wave.

The vaccine makers are working towards adding more vaccines to the current list of available vaccines. However, many health experts believe that delaying the full vaccination drive of India can prolong the Covid crisis. It can also increase the possibility of new and more dangerous variants.

In the coming weeks, tighter restrictions can be expected if the new variant turns out to be a serious threat. The following news report from last week by ‘India Today’ details the possibility of the third wave in Maharashtra.

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