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Major initiatives planned to make Telangana an international tourist destination

מחלקת היערות של טלנגאנה, USAID ו- MOEF מתכננים לפתח פרויקט תיירות בינלאומי למדינה

Edupayala Temple in Medak
Edupayala Temple in Medak District

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in collaborations with the Telengana Union Ministry and other local Indian environmental departments formulated a plan to develop initiatives to bring international tourists to the state of Telangana.

The tourist spots that have been identified to be included in the list for consideration are:

  1. Medak
  2. Adilabad
  3. Siddepet
  4. Kamareddy
  5. Sangareddy

USAID chose Medak district of Telangana to improve upon its biodiversity and overall environmental health of its forests. The environmental initiative has been named Forest Plus 2.0 which will be considering all possibilities of improving the forest areas of Telangana.

 Telangana Forest Department along with USAID and MOEF has formed a consultation department to identify the key areas to be considered as potential tourist destinations. This team has already listed the following places in Medak district to be included in the tourism circuit.

  1. Kondapur Mandal Museum of Archeology
  2. Manjeera Wildlife Sanctuary
  3. Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary
  4. Urban Park in Narsapur Forest
  5. Urban Park in Gajwel
  6. Edupayala Temple
  7. Medak Fort
  8. Medak Church

Plans for the preservation of more than 300 species of birds and biodiversity of Medak were also discussed.

The proposed plan of travel showed that the tourists will start their journey from the Sangareddy district and will end in the Adilabad district. Between these two points several wildlife sanctuaries, waterfalls, and reservoirs will be visited. Plans were formulated for inviting many national and international university students for the purpose of education in biodiversity and wildlife.

The Telangana Tourist department has listed down all the facilities where the improvements are required. These improvements will be to make the facilities up to the international standards for tourists. Once the project report is finished it will be submitted to the State governments for funding. The USAID also will be working towards arranging the funds for the development of this project.

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