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Malana bans entry into their village until August

Image source : Wikimedia commons

The isolated village of Malana in the Himachal Pradesh located in Manali has decided not to allow anyone from the outside to enter their village. The village is popular due to its production of high-quality Hashish. The village ‘Panchayat’ (the governing body of elders) made this decision to avoid coronavirus infection to enter their village.

The village has announced that any outsider entering their village will be fined for around 50,000 Indian Rupees. People of the village have decided to keep an eye out for any intrusion.

The village population is around 2300 people and elders of the village are concerned about the health of all its inhabitants. The people do not have much information about the pandemic, but they have taken strict steps of their own to isolate themselves from the infection.

Malana has become very popular in the past years due to the increasing number of tourists visiting the village. The village is very unique in its culture and practices of their faith. Malana is known for having its own laws. The village does not follow the rules of Indian democracy and considers itself to be a separate entity of its own. The village already has a law that prohibits all outsiders from not touching anyone belonging to the village. This tradition has been there for a long time. However, the village people are still scared of inviting an infection from outside.

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