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Malana Village has finally agreed for vaccination

Malana village was the only place in the region to remain unvaccinated.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Malana village has been relatively safe from the Covid-19 virus. The village of Malana had its own version of the lockdown where all outsiders were banned from entering the village.

During the second wave, when the vaccination efforts were intense, the villagers of Malana denied getting vaccinated. According to their statement, their ‘deity’ had told them not to get vaccinated. The total adult population of Malana village is roughly around 1000 people.

The isolated village of Malana denied being vaccinated for a long time. Recently,  Finally, this week, the elders of the village were convinced by the local health workers to get vaccinated. One of the main reasons that the elders of the Malana village gave for not getting vaccinated is that of coming in contact with the outsiders.

The villagers of Malana consider everyone outside of their community to be ‘impure’. Outsiders who visit Malana are prohibited from touching the buildings or touch any person in the village. Heavy fines will have to be paid if anyone breaks these rules. Getting vaccinated without being touched is very hard. So, that is the reason why Malana villagers were denied vaccination.

One more concern that the villagers shared is that of the side-effects after vaccination which they believe will ‘disable’ them. To protect their community and its small population, vaccination side-effects can be devastating.

A team of government officials and health workers sat with the elders this week and convinced everyone to get vaccinated. One of the major reasons that convinced the elders of Malana village is that tourists will only visit them if it is safe for them. Following is the report from ‘News 18’ about how the government officers convinced Malana village to get vaccinated.

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