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Malana Village in Himachal Pradesh is free of Covid-19

No 'outsider' is allowed inside the Malana village.

The popular Malana village in the state of Himachal Pradesh is known as ‘The Oldest Democracy in the World’. According to the recent report posted by the ‘Times of India’, the village of Malana has succeeded to keep the Covid-19 virus out.

Malana is a very secluded village which is located near the famous Parvati valley and it has a population of roughly around 2400 people. These villagers do not consider themselves as part of Indian democracy.

One of the most unique things about this village is that any outsider is not allowed to touch them or their houses as all outsiders are considered impure. This practice has gained significant attention in the past decades and has made this village popular in the world. Another reason for the popularity of this village is the presence of ‘Hashish’ that the villagers produce. Many travelers visit this village to learn more about this unique village.

During the pandemic, when most of the Himachal Pradesh is facing the Covid crisis, the Malana village has managed to shut itself off from the outside world. They have completely isolated themselves and have not allowed anyone from outside of their village to enter their territory. Hence, there is no reported Covid case in Malana.

The rest of the Himachal Pradesh is currently reported around 3500 new Covid cases as of today. It is not clear how the situation will change in the coming months.  But as of now, the lockdown in the state of Himachal Pradesh has lowered the number of newly reported cases.

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