Mixing of vaccines being tested in India

The Medical experts have suggested that the immunity might improve if different vaccines are mixed.

The director of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), said that more data is needed to conclude that the mixing of vaccines will increase the immunity of a person. Amid the concerns, he still advised that people should mix vaccines so it can be found out if there is some benefit to the immune system.

Mr. Guleria said that mixing two different Covid vaccines could be beneficial. It has been reported that several countries are already testing the mixing of various vaccines to check for any beneficial results from this practice.

In a contradicting statement, Mr. Guleria also said that there could also be an increase in the side effects due to the mixing of vaccines. He said that more data is required to test if the mixing of vaccines is a good practice. The Indian government is currently testing this practice to check if the efficacy is increased by mixing different vaccines. The results are expected to be published in the coming weeks.

People who are already doubting the safety of the vaccines and expressing vaccine hesitancy are most likely to disregard this practice as there is a potential of making the side effects even more severe. As of now, there is no concrete data if the mixing of vaccines is completely safe.

The following news article from ‘Hindustan Times’ talks about the mixing of vaccines that are being practiced in India.

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