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Mizoram’s inaugurates its first golf course

The Thenzwl Golf Course will bring more employment opportunities for the locals.

Tuipui River, Mizoram (image source: Wikimedia Commons)

On the 4th of August, Mizoram’s first Golf Course was inaugurated by the Minister of Tourism in Thenzwl area. The inauguration was done through a video conferencing session.

Famous for its rich bio-diversity and natural beauty it brings in thousands of tourists every year. According to the union minister, the government is taking many initiatives to prepare Mizoram for tourism once tourism goes back to normal.

Thenzawl Golf Course is expected to bring in tourism revenue and generate jobs for the local residents. The overall reception for this project is positive and it is hailed by the locals as a good initiative towards the development of the state.

Thenzawl Golf course contains 30 Log houses with special wooden cottage material from Russia. It contains 8 Gazebos and it is an 18-hole course.

Other Golf Course amenities include Lounge services, Parking, Restaurant and Cafeteria along with a Conference hall & a theatre.

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