More than 4,300 deaths because of ‘black fungus’ are reported in India

Around half of the infected patients are still receiving treatment in the hospitals.

For the past year, a new challenge came up during the pandemic. It was labeled as ‘Black Fungus’ scientifically known as ‘Mucormycosis’. As of today, more than 4300 people have died because of ‘black fungus’. The data shows that this fungal infection occurs in Covid-19 patients.

Although mucormycosis is a rare infection, there have been more than 45,000 cases that were reported in India. This infection affects the eyes, nose, and sometimes the brain. It usually occurs between 15-18 of Covid recovery. The worrying concern is that almost half of the reported cases are still undergoing treatment. There has not been a good explanation for why the infection occurs.

The most popular theory according to the doctors is that the fungal infection is linked to the steroids that were used in diabetic covid patients. Cases of ‘black fungus’ have been one of the reasons that caused vaccine hesitancy in India. Many people found out that the people getting treated in the hospitals were contracting this fungal infection.

Presently, the only possible drug that can be used is the anti-fungal injection. There is no credible data available on what exactly is causing the ‘black fungus’.

The following YouTube video from the channel ‘Down To Earth’ shows the black fungus scenario in New Delhi.

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