‘Motorcycle Tourism’ initiatives were launched in India on World Tourism Day

'Big Biking Commune', a biking group is starting their 2 month long ride in South India from 1st October.

Indian Motorcycle
Indian motorcycle in Ladakh (image source: Wikimedia Commons)

Yesterday, 27th September was celebrated in various parts of India as ‘World Tourism Day’. A group called ‘Big Biking Commune’ from Chennai organized their campaign titled ‘Ride in India’. The campaign was an initiative to let people know that traveling through motorcycles is safe and also is a responsible way of traveling. The campaign was focused on promoting domestic tourism by riding motorcycles.

After the tourism sector was severely impacted by the pandemic, it requires many initiatives from the government as well as from people to innovate ways to revive the industry. With many tourism businesses and sites being opened gradually, the revival of tourism will happen. As of now, the government and local communities are working towards initiatives focused on domestic tourism. International tourism will take some time to revive because in India the number of COVID cases is rapidly rising and international flights will not start anytime soon.

The Chennai tourism department along with the group ‘Big Biking Commune’ launched its joint campaign by the name of ‘Ride in India’. This was done to boost domestic tourism and awareness towards helping the local communities by traveling responsibly.

According to the ‘World Tourism Council’, India is among the top countries to visit for tourism. A significant percentage of GDP is directly linked with the tourism activities in India.

Motorcycle tourism has seen a steady rise in popularity among the people of India. There are many biker groups in India who are promoting motorcycles as a means of traveling. These biker groups and organized clubs are an active group of people who regularly share their experiences of travel on Social Media.

For domestic tourism to increase, many communities along with government initiatives are needed. With motorcycle tourism, the local businesses and hotels located on the highway will find a way to revive their businesses. Also, many bike rental businesses, workshops, and other businesses associated with tourism will also benefit.

Traveling by motorcycles gives a sense of freedom to travel on your own terms. It also gives an opportunity to explore many hidden destinations that are located away from the very popular tourist sites.

‘Ride in India’ campaign is working towards collaborating with many biker groups in the country. Also, the ‘Big Biking Commune’ will start their 2 months long ‘Ride in India’ campaign from 1st October 2020. Under this campaign, the group will travel on motorcycles, visiting around 90 tourist destinations in South India.

The following YouTube video from the channel called ‘Jacob Laukaitis’ which documents the journey of 43 days covering 8000 kilometers in India.

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