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Mount Abu in Rajasthan is receiving lot of tourists in the past few weeks

The number of tourists arriving in Rajasthan has been rising since past month.

Nakki Lake, Rajasthan
Nakki Lake in Mount Abu, Rajasthan (image soource: Wikimedia Commons)

Among all the tourist destinations in India, Rajasthan has been responding most positively in terms of tourism recovery. Since the travel restrictions were lifted, Rajasthan has seen a steady rise in the number of tourists visiting the state.

Due to the summer heat, many tourists have decided to visit the cool hill station of Mount Abu in Rajasthan. There were thousands of tourists who visited Rajasthan in the last two months. Due to the excessive heat in the other cities of Rajasthan, Mount Abu was a safe haven for the tourists who wanted a short vacation. Most of the tourists arrived from Delhi and other neighboring states.

The tourism department announced the rising number of tourists in Rajasthan despite the summer season. The upcoming months from mid-September until March is considered an ideal time for the Rajasthan where it sees a huge number of tourists visiting the state.

Mount Abu has been the most successful during the summer season due to its lush green surroundings and cool weather. The government made sure to promote and connect Mount Abu with easy access to the roads. The government also lifted up restrictions to help tourists travel easily.

The government also made sure that sanitizations of the hotels and social distancing measures are in place. It seems that the upcoming months would be great for the state of Rajasthan as it prepares for the tourist season and various upcoming cultural festivals.

The following YouTube video from the channel “Amazing Places on Our Planet” shows the beautiful Rajasthan in all its cultural glory.


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