Mucormycosis also known as the ‘Black Fungus’ is affecting COVID-19 patients

Several people in India have died due to the 'Black Fungus' infection.

A rare fungal infection called ‘Mucormycosis’ has made headlines during the second Covid wave in India. This fungal infection is affection people who have Covid-19. According to the experts, this fungal infection affects those patients with compromised immunity because of the Covid-19 infection.

So, people who got Covid and got their immune systems compromised can get severely affected by the Mucormycosis. People who are recovering from Covid-19 are most likely to get infected by the ‘Black Fungus’.

The ‘Black Fungus’ is being witnessed by more and more people in India. During the ongoing second wave of coronavirus,  the increasing number of ‘Mucormycosis’ patients is a worrying sign. Several people have lost their lives due to this fungal infection.

Healthcare professionals are trying to find the cause of Mucormycosis. As of now, limited information is available. Although, some experts have said that patients who have been taking steroids are more likely to have fungal infection.

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), this black fungus is caused by a collection of molds known as ‘Murocycetes’ which are commonly found in the decaying organic matter. The fungal infection caused by these molds can be severe and fatal. The death rate from this fungal infection is from 45-95%.

The following news report from ‘CRUX’ reports about the rise of the ‘Mucomyrcosis’ cases in India.

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