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Nandi Hills in Karnataka will open for tourists by the end of November

Landslides in August destroyed the roads leading to Nandi Hills.

According to the recent news, the district administration of Chikkaballapur in Karnataka is considering opening the famous Nandi Hills for tourists. Nandi Hills may open by the end of November. Recently, due to the severe weather conditions, the landslides caused damage to the road and the restoration work has been going on for several weeks.

In August and September, there have been many instances of landslides and flash flooding in various parts of India. Considering the dangers of the natural disasters, the Nandi Hills was closed off for the tourists. However, now the weather has improved significantly and the Nandi Hills can welcome tourists again.

The major landslide at Brahmagiri Hills that occurred in August destroyed the connecting road to the Nandi Hills. According to the administrative officials, the restoration work is almost finished and the tourists can now travel to Nandi Hills. However, if there are any issues with the testing of the roads, then the opening of the Nandi Hills can be postponed to December.

With all tourist destinations opening up due to the decline in the Covid-19 cases and the start of the international tourists. Nandi Hills expects to see a huge influx of tourists next year during the summer season. However, December is also a great time to visit this tourist destination. In the coming weeks, we can expect more details about the final conditions of the roads and transportation safety.

Following is the news article from ‘Indian Express’ reporting about the possibility of opening Nandi Hills for tourists by the end of November.


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