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Neemrana in Rajasthan will introduce Sky-Diving and other adventure activities

The number of tourists visiting Rajasthan is expected to increase during the winter months.

Rajasthan tourism has been working towards expanding its tourism potential by introducing a new and more diverse range of travel experiences. After being severely hit by the Covid lockdown, Rajasthan tourism has been trying to get back on its feet before the next tourist season begins.

During the winter months starting from October, the tourists start to visit warmer destinations in India such as Rajasthan and Goa. It is possible that a good number of travelers will be visiting Rajasthan later this year. According to the recent data, there has been a huge surge of tourists once the lockdown restrictions were relaxed. A large number of tourists were seen in Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand in recent weeks.

Considering the potential recovery of Rajasthan’s tourism sector, new adventure flying activities will be introduced. These activities include Sky-diving, cockpit flying, and adventure flying sports. These activities will be conducted from the Neemrana airport in Rajasthan.

Adventure tourism in India is still developing to its full potential. There are already some popular adventure activities in Rajasthan such as Desert Safari, Camel riding, and Jeep Safaris, etc. However, sky-diving and aero sports have a huge potential for success among young tourists.

The main airbase is the Aligarh airport from where the tourists will fly for aero sports in Bhiwani and Hisar. The facilities have already started and are open for tourists. In the coming tourist season, the adventure tourism sector is expected to grow with the increasing number of tourists.

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