New cases of Delta plus variant found in India

There are total of 20 cases of Delta-plus variant infections in India.

According to the recent report, some test samples collected in India have tested positive for the new Delta-plus variant. The total count of this new delta-plus variant has reached 20, out of which 8 cases were found in the state of Maharashtra.

The delta-plus variant also known as AY.1 is the mutation of the previously known Delta variant found in India. The cases of this new variant have been found in the states of Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, and Madhya Pradesh. It is quite possible that this new variant is already infecting people in India and the rest of the world.

The director of the National Centre for Disease Control, Mr. Sujeet Singh said that the cases need to be observed carefully as the new variant is much more stronger and dominant than the previous one.

In recent past weeks, many experts have been warning against the upcoming third wave of Covid. The medical officials have been warning against the third wave if proper Covid behavior is not observed. Also, they insisted on vaccination as one of the major ways to prevent severe reactions from the Covid infection.

The new cases of the Delta-plus variant were only found because of the testing. As of now, there is no mass testing being done in India. So, it is very much possible, that the number of the cases of new Delta-plus variant is much higher than being reported. As per the medical experts, the third wave is expected to hit in the coming 6-8 weeks time.

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