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New Covid-19 travel restrictions can disrupt tourism in Himachal

The tourism industry of Himachal Pradesh has started to recover due the decline in Covid numbers.

With the news of the new Covid-19 variant called ‘Omicron’, the possibility of another lockdown period is there. The WHO (World Health Organization) has asked all countries to stay vigilant and monitor the spread of the new variant. The Indian government recently announced that it will review the current Covid-19 guidelines for travel.

Considering the risks, the travel restrictions might be implemented. After the recent decline in the Covid-19 numbers, there was a sense of positivity in terms of tourism recovery. The tourism stakeholders were finally happy when the tourist numbers started increasing in the popular tourist destinations.

However, the international tourists who were expected to arrive in India have started to cancel their reservations. This was due to the Covid scare. The Himachal Pradesh was expecting the tourist season to help them recover their businesses. This seems to be more and more unclear due to the possibility of another lockdown.

Following is the detailed article from ‘Outlook India’ talking about the possibility of travel restrictions and how it could disrupt the tourism industry of Himachal Pradesh.



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